Win $100 Gift Card to Sephora, Forever 21, Zara or Shoppers Drug Mart- June 1st- 30th, 2013

And the winner of the $100 Gift Card of her choice is………Melinda Liu

Highlight to blogging is meeting all the beautiful people I’m come to know and love over these past 3 years. So my amazing followers, owners of businesses, PR ladies and of course all my fellow bloggers; everyone is just amazing and so kind to me.

One of my favourite things to show the love to each and every one of you is to host giveaways where you can win amazing prizes; who doesn’t love a free shopping spree? Thanks to 3 of my favourite bloggers, who you may have already come to love, thanks to my last Essence Giveaway with them, Jenelle from Nelle Creations, Sandra from Moms Makeup Stash & Dee from Glitter and Gloss Oh My and myself hosted another giveaway where one lucky follower had the chance to win a $100 Gift Card of her choice (or 2 x $50) to either Sephora, Forever 21, Zara or Shoppers Drug Mart.

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  1. Sunscreen, you can never have too much of it in the summer

  2. Self tanner! My skin does not get tanned so I have to rely on L’oreal Sublime Bronze to give me that glow!

  3. I love shopping at ZARA but it’s so pricey there, but everything I’ve bought so far I’m loving. I’m also experimenting with American labels BB- cream! :)

  4. bronzer! get for a little light coverage without hiding my freckles and natural color

  5. Sunglasses & sunscreen. Can’t live without either on those bright, sunny and hot days!

  6. bb cream with spf! so light but so much coverage!!

  7. Sandals! All kinds!

  8. Lots of hair products! I have crazy curly hair that gets crazier in humidity.

  9. Sunscreen! You gotta protect the skin you’re in!!!

  10. I would have to say my lippy! Love a cute pink gloss in the summer!!

  11. sandals and suncreen :)

  12. Sandals and a tinted moisturizer/ BB cream with SPF!! :D

  13. A wide variety of flats for all outfits lol… even thou they are horrible for my bad ankle lol

  14. Sunscreen – have to be sun safe!

  15. sun dress, without a doubt :) :)

  16. My must have fashion item is flip flops!

  17. My must-have beauty product is Clinique quickliner in charcoal :)

  18. A good cleanser to deal with the sweat, dirt, and oil.

  19. A bunch of cute summer dresses and a good sunscreen!

  20. must have fashion for summer is beautiful sunglasses.

  21. I would like to have a couple of summer dresses from Forever 21 :)

  22. Bronzer! It’s all you need :)

  23. sandals and a summer dress

  24. my must have is a ponytail holder. my hair is thick and i love pulling it back when its hot out

  25. Capris because I can’t wear shorts to work.

  26. sunglasses

  27. Bb creme!

  28. A good moisturiser with a high SPF!

  29. Maxi dresses are my must have summer item!! Can’t live without them!

  30. Bumble and Bumble’s surf spray!

  31. Sunscreen and flip flops

  32. Sandals – high-heeled, wedge, flats, all necessary for summer! :)

  33. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer is perfect for the summer months! It gives me little coverage but its more coverage than other TMs I’ve tried! :)

  34. a bronzer

  35. Sandals, sunscreen and maxi dresses are summer must haves for me!

  36. Sandals, sunscreen and maxi dresses are summer must haves for me! Can’t live without them!

  37. Sandals and a great summer handbag. :)

  38. This year it’s my summer butterfly bag.

  39. My Coach sunglasses and a cute dress! <3

  40. A good matt finish powder

  41. my BB cream and maxi skirt

  42. Comfortable sandals.

  43. Loving those breezy sheer tops for the summer, as well as maxi skirts!!

  44. My number one fashion Item this summer would be the high-low dress!

  45. a nice pair of sunglasses!

  46. gotta have bronzer!

  47. SUNDRESSES! : ) Love them for the summer.

  48. Jumpers!!!! i swear by them, so easy, chic, gorgeous and ready to go !!

  49. Sunglasses and lots of dresses :)

  50. A great pair of shades, flip-flops, and a good book!

  51. Sundresses! My Fav!

  52. BB Cream all the way with mascara!!

  53. Sunscreen, a maxi dress, new sunnies and sandals!! :)

  54. Sandals is my summer must have. I love being close to having bare feet.

  55. My summer must have is sandals. I love being close to being bare feet.

  56. My must-have summer fashion item: a light-weight summer scarf in a nice colour or print.

  57. My must have item for summer is sunglasses! I can’t leave the house without them, and my collection seems to be growing & growing! Absolute necessity! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  58. a slap of bb cream with spf for natural and even coverage! easy peasy.

  59. waterproof mascara and lipbalm!!

  60. I just bought myself a beautiful coral romper. Never thought I’d see the day, but now I can’t live without it!

    • ooh I wanna see it, love a romper but they never, and I mean never look good on me. I keep trying tho, maybe one of these days?

  61. My summer must have is tinted moisturizer with SPF.

  62. Must have summer item is definitely a good pair of sunnies! Living in Cali is sunny all the time!


  64. a good quality sun block

  65. My must have items this summer are- sandals, sunglasses, Hawaiian tropic sunscreen, waterproof mascara, and benefit Bella Bamba lip gloss in watermelon!!

  66. What’s your must-have summer fashion item or beauty product?: So many! sunscreen and my cute light weight faux jacket with silky leopard print on the inside! Wearing that thing everywhere also fab eye liner :)

  67. My must have summer fashion item is a big floppy hat that I dress up with scarves to complement my outfit. Thank you for the chance to shop! I am trying to find cute outfits to dress up my growing baby bump. Twitter fan@plumerea

  68. Sunglasses & sunscreen are my must haves

  69. What a great giveaway! Hope I win!

  70. Dress, sandals, sunscreen and purse

  71. Sundresses and sunscreen.

  72. Fashion item would be a headband and sunglasses!

  73. My must have is my sunglasses! (:
    Gotta have them shades

  74. My bb cream with SPF

  75. I think i’d have to say my sunnies and lippy ^_^

  76. oh, that would help with my nail polish addiction…

  77. sunscreen! :D

  78. Sunglasses, sunscreen fashion item flip flops lols

  79. sunscreen is my must have!

  80. suncreen is my must have item

  81. Sunglasses for sure!

  82. My made in the shade self tanner :):)

  83. I think my go-to summer item is my white Zara blazer! I’m wearing it all the time!

  84. My to-go fashion item would have to be sun dress!
    For beauty it’d be lip balm (:

  85. Sunscreen and flipflops for sure!

  86. neon nail polish

  87. Facial Mist to keep cool and still look hot!

  88. Flip flops and sunglasses

  89. high spf sunscreen

  90. A pair of sunglasses and Anti frizz hair products!

  91. Tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier) and Caudalie Beauty Elixir for a mid-aft skin radiance refresher

  92. Definitely gradual suntan lotion. St. Topez is my fave

  93. Maxi skirts, graphic tees and top knots

  94. My must-have beauty product for summer is the perfect SPF moisturizer.

  95. Just moved to NYC… In other words, my budget is tiny and my shoes are a disaster! Grabbing some of Zara’s gorgeous (and work-friendly) flats, booties, and heels would be another dream come true! Fingers crossed!

  96. A great moisturizer with SPF is my must-have every summer. :)

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