August 15th, 2013- Blue Skies

Nothing but blue skies today, and although it doesn’t feel like summer, its the first day in a long time without a sky filled with clouds.

Can you believe I had the fireplace on yesterday, I woke up to the house being at 15 (and that’s without the AC on), I’m not going to freeze in my own house, so the heat went on. The hubby thought I was crazy. Am I really putting the fireplace on in the middle of August? I haven’t even been to the beach this summer, its been too cold on the day when I’m actually free, what kind of summer is this?

Top- Smart Set- $39- March 2013
Bracelet & Ring- c/o Cocoa Jewelry
Purse- Coach- $225 (On sale)- in stores now
Jeans- American Eagle- $49- May 2013
Shoes- Spring- $24- June 2010


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  1. Nice one Amber

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