Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil

Shimmer oil is a must have for summer, in my opinion, as it enhances your beautiful tan and gives the body a sophisticated glow and illumination. Clarins new Splendours Shimmer Body Oil is a lightweight body oil that’s enriched with hazelnut oil that prevents dehydration. It’s described as a non-greasy body oil which nourishes, softens and makes the skin silky smooth. It’s scented with mandarin, grapefruit, Tonka bean and ylang ylang.

Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil ($49) comes in a heavy 100ml glass bottle with a thick chrome mirror twist off lid. This body oil has shimmering gold particles in it that settle at the bottom of the jar and just needs to be shook to mix the oil and shimmer together before each use. It smells amazing, like fresh citrus fruit but isn’t too over-powering. It has a dry oil-like texture that absorbs easily and quickly into the skin without looking/ feeling greasy. A little goes a long way, the shimmer is subtle and doesn’t leave your skin looking like you’ve bathed in body glitter; it’s as natural as shimmer is ever going to look.Clarins Body Oil (1) Clarins Body Oil (1)
It leaves the skin feeling moisturized, soft and smooth. It’s the perfect product for summer as it gives an amazing glow on a tanned skin. I’ve been using is on my arms, neck and legs and it gives the perfect glowy, slightly sun-kissed look without having to apply a self-tanner. It accentuates my natural tan, or lack thereof, and my natural skin tone. The only thing I dislike about Clarins Splendours Shimmer Body Oil is that it doesn’t come with a pump and I sometimes get way too much out of the bottle and end up wiping it on my husband; the oil is just too expensive to waste.
Clarins Body Oil (2) Clarins Body Oil (3)
Overall ClarinsSplendours Shimmer Body Oil is a gorgeous, grown-up shimmer body oil that sheers out nicely to be very wearable. It leaves behind a nice summery scent, while it hydrates, illuminates and moisturizes the skin. For someone that doesn’t like to sun-tan and has a hard time maintaining her self-tanner, this gives me the sun-kissed glow I’m looking for in the summer, without all the work. I just apply this in the morning after the shower and it keeps me glowing all day long.

I tried my best to capture what it looks like on the skin, out in the sun, but its kinda hard… hope this gives you an idea?
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  1. That oil looks amazing! I might need to have it!

  2. I would love a sample of this first, I t looks amazing, but my skin is not amazing,lol so sample would be a great help. thanks!

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