February 25th , 2014- GSP

When I first got the invite to celebrate like a champ with Bacardi and GSP, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know who he was. I immediately texted the hubby to see if he knew who he was and if he was any good. So the text went something like this:

Me: do you like GPS?
Hubby: what like the navigation system?
Me: No, I think he’s a boxer or some type of fighter
Hubby: Oh you mean, GSP
Me: Ya, I think that’s it
Hubby He’s amazing, why
Me: You wanna have the chance to party with him and Bacardi
Hubby: Hell Ya!

I guess that solves that problem, we were going. We had a wonderful evening, we drank endless amounts of Bacardi cocktails, got a photo op with GSP, AKA Georges St-Pierre, he even passed me a shot of Bacardi, in which I handed to the hubby to drink. I think the hubby had an amazing night, he was texting everyone in his contact list the picture of him and GSP, in which most of his friends though it was photo-shopped. I guess I take a good picture?
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