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By now, we’re all craving a little sunlight, ready to retire our winter boots for yet another season and all set to breakout out cute summer clothes. You know I’ve already been online dress shopping and trying to decide which Canadian clothing brands I want to invest in this season, but with this, comes more time outside and more stress on our skin. Air pollution, UV rays, pollutants, and even cigarette smoke can cause the collagen and elastin in our skin to breakout, which in return, causes photo-aging, long-term damage, sagging skin and even cause more fine lines and wrinkles to appear. Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective ingredients you can apply to your skin, as it not only helps repair the skin, it helps to bring back firmness and even strengthen the skin. It’s an excellent antioxidant as it helps to slowdown the rate of free-radical damage that can cause dryness and aging.
Indeed Vitamin c24 Indeed Vitamin c24

Indeed has a brand new cream, being released next week, formulated with a pure form of vitamin C that’s designed to help stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation and discoloration, along with protecting the skin of free radicals. Indeed Vitamin c24 is applied directly to both the face and neck, in the evening, and on damp skin and it helps to instantly “kick-start” your body into producing more proteins. This helps to restore it back to its youthful appearance without oxidizing after contact with air (like other vitamin C products). This intense cream helps to maximize the benefits of vitamin C and includes a combination of both 22% vitamin C and 2% hyaluronic acid to reduce aging, while improving elasticity and moisture loss from dry, dehydrated skin.
Indeed Vitamin c24 Indeed Vitamin c24

Vitamin c24 comes in a squeeze tube with almost a hybrid consistency, the perfect blend between a facial moisturizer and an intensely rich and hydrating serum. It’s somewhat silicone texture glides onto the skin like butter, and almost melts into the skin. The smallest amount covers both face and neck and it instantly soaks into the skin, without feeling sticky or greasy. It’s incredibly lightweight texture absorbs beautifully into the skin without clogging pores, which can cause breakouts and blemishes. Although not highly hydrating, you’ll still need a good moisturizer (if you suffer from dry skin), but it’s the perfect cream/ serum to apply before. If you are applying in the morning, and not in the evening, make sure to follow up with a SPF to help protect from the sun.

Indeed Vitamin c24 Indeed Vitamin c24

In terms of the long term effects of this Indeed Vitamin c24, it’s too soon to tell. I’ve only been using it for a few short weeks, but I can already tell its helping to brighten my overall complexion. I love that it’s helping protect my skin from the harmful environmental aggressors, while restoring its youthfulness. It’s available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart for $24.99.
Indeed Vitamin c24

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