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It’s been about 2 months now in my quest for hunting down my very first Nivea Lip Butter. If you follow me on Twitter you may remember my little panic attack that I couldn’t find any. I heard so many amazing things about them that I knew I had to get my hands on one. I spent a Saturday afternoon going from store to store with my mom in the hunt for some. Some would say that’s crazy, why not pick up the phone to see if they’re in stock? It’s just I don’t trust the sales associates, what if they’re hoarding them all for themselves? Anyways, after 9 stores, yep, I went to 2 Wal-Marts, 2 Rexall’s and 7 Shoppers I finally found a lonely one, in the wrong spot and I jumped for joy; is that weird getting so excited over a lip butter? After all that, my expectations were running high, I spent a full afternoon hunting for it, and it better be amazing. I wasn’t even out of the store before I applied it; it was love at first “taste”.

Nivea Lip Butters come in 3 different flavors, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss (which I’ll be reviewing), Caramel Cream Kiss & Raspberry Rose Kiss along with an Original unscented version. These lip butters come in a cute, slim and compact tin holding 16.7g worth of product, making them perfect for your purse or even pocket. The tin opens easily with each use and I have yet for it to open at the bottom of my bag, like lot of the lip balms do. I know what you’re thinking, yuck I have to put my finger in the tin, then apply it to my lips, how sanitary is that? After doing a Clinique Post on their new Nail Polish (found here) and learning that we touch our face 200+ times a day, I’m not too worried about applying it with my fingers; I haven’t got sick/ died yet! The Nivea Lip Butters contain shea butter, almond oil and seed oil leaving your lips hydrated all day.
Nivea Lip Butter (1)

Nivea Lip Butters start off a little dense in the tin but once it warms up on your fingers or lips it turns into a creamy texture that glides onto your lips with ease. I’ve worn it alone and under lipstick with great results, it’s also wonderful as a nightly use. It goes on transparent, but can leave a slight white mark behind if you don’t blend it into your lips enough. Just run your finger over your lips a few times to sheer the butter and you’ll be fine. It gives your lips a healthy shine to them, feels comfortable on, not sticky and leaves them moisturized for hours.

Nivea Lip Butter (2)
Nivea Lip Butter Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss smells so good I can’t even explain it; I swear I want to eat it every time I open the tin, think white chocolate macadamia cookies from Tim’s; Yum! The vanilla doesn’t smell artificial, but more of a true vanilla bean and it’s balanced by the nutty scent of macadamia. Not much to say about the original, it’s perfectly fine, I just like the yummier smelling ones myself.  This would be perfect for those that want the same creamy texture of the butters but without the scent.
Nivea Lip Butter (3)Nivea Lip Butter (4)
Overall I love how moisturizing and creamy they are, they hydrate my lips leaving them soft and supple. The smell and taste is out of this world, I find myself re-applying it when I don’t even need to; just so I can get a hit of vanilla and macadamia. Although I did find one for myself and the amazing people at Nivea sent me two, my anxiety is running high as I near the end of my last one. Will I be able to find more?


  1. Looking forward to trying these! Searching for something to wear under lip stick that moisturizers well. Thanks for the review!

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