OPI Starlight Collection Review

For the entire month of December, all I’ve been wearing were shades from the new OPI Starlight Collection. Now that the holiday season is finally behind us, that’s not going to stop me from wearing these beautiful hues. OPI looked to the stars for its inspiration for this collection and came up with not 12, but 18 out-of-this-world shades. Break the beauty barrier at the speed of starlight in 2016 with rich, jeweled tones, unearthly metals and spectacular glitters.
OPI Starlight

OPI press packages keep getting better and better, last season it was filled with Ferrero Rocher and Tiramisu Caramels and this season it came with a beautiful Swarovski bracelet. As excited as I was to test out some of these gorgeous shades, I could hardly wait to start rocking my new bling. This holiday collection didn’t disappoint, each shade, of course, came with OPI’s famous rich and cream formula and unique, easy to use brush. I have to admit, some of the colour and formulas were better than others, some require several coats and even then were a tad streaky, but the colours were true-to-bottle and mostly opaque in 2 coats.
OPI Starlight

OPI Love is in My Cards is a classic, true red with a crème finish.

OPI Ro-man-ce on the Moon is the perfect Christmas red with a stunning metallic finish. It applied evenly and smoothly and requires only 1 coat to get true opaque coverage.

OPI Guys & Galaxies is dark and vampy, velvety blood red.

OPI I’m in the Moon for Love is a beautiful plum with fuchsia micro-shimmer and a crème finish. I like that OPI added some unexpected hues than your traditional red, greens and metallic. I can totally appreciate this shade during the winter months.

OPI Cosmo with a Twist is a lovely eggplant jelly with almost a duo-chrome/ purple and blue shimmer

OPI Give Me Space is a stunning blue based shimmer with silver shimmer finish
OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight

OPI Center of the You-niverse is an intense black with prevalent silver shimmer and ineffectual black micro glitter throughout

OPI Super Star Status is a silver foil in a clear simmer base

OPI I Drive a Supernova is the perfect silver foil. Bright, bold, opaque and extremely pigmented. The last silver you’ll need to buy.

OPI By the Light of the Moon is a silver glitter in a silver metallic base

OPI Comet Closer is a pewter foil

OPI Is This Star Taken? Is a pale gold metallic with silver holographic micro throughout.
OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight

OPI Infrared-y to Glow is a glitter top coat that has both pink and silver glitter mixed with silver glitter bits in a clear base

OPI Let Your Love Shine is a cool tone, yet deep crimson red with warm reflective red shimmer throughout. It is quite sheer and will require several coats

OPI Ce-less-tial has silver and rose gold small and micro glitters throughout set in a clear base

OPI Press * For Silver is a rosy silver metallic with almost a frosted finish. For a shimmer polish it applies evenly and smoothly in just a few simple coats.

OPI Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite has beautiful charcoal and rose gold hex and chevron glitter set in a clear base. Although this is meant as a top coat, I found it quite annoying trying to pick up the different glitter pieces. I applied 2 coats and still couldn’t manage to get a decent amount.

OPI No More Mr. Night Sky has reflective silver and gunmetal shimmer in a gunmetal jelly base
OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight OPI Starlight





  1. such a great collection!!! I have to try some! Until now, I am Addicted to Julep nail polishes!!

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