Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie Giveaway

Twelve Days of Giveaways

I wanted to treat my readers to some early Christmas presents this year, so over the next 10 days you’ll have the chance to enter to win an array of prizes. I’ve teamed up with some of my favourite brands to giveaway over $2000 worth of prizes, including makeup sets, perfume, lip balms, skin care, nail care, hair care, sunglasses and accessories, jewellery, clothing and so much more. Make sure to stop by daily to see what brand is being featured and to entre. Did you check out the previous giveaways, Polette and Burt’s Bees.
Pür Minerals Selfie

As the cooler weather starts to hit, Pür Minerals has a fierce makeup kit that gets you motivated for chiller temperatures and it’s all I’ve been wearing lately. You may remember my review on the Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie, it comes with everything you need to create a completely natural, picture-perfect look in a flash, no filters needed. You’ll receive 8 limited edition eyeshadows to help emphasize your eyes, along with bronzer, blush, highlighter, lip gloss and a mascara to finish off your look.
Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie

Each shadow in the Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie compact is silly smooth, incredibly soft and contains vitamin E to help condition the skin. It’s pigmented, opaque and applies like a dream. The bronzer, blush and illuminating powder are equally as amazing, finely milled, amazing colour and provides a healthy glow all year round. The mascara is formulated with argan oil to hydrate and protect lashes, while providing both volume and length. It doesn’t flake, smudge or leave your lashes feeling crunchy, just unbelievably gorgeous lashes. The plumping lip gloss provides a glossy finish and although not truly opaque, it does provide a dewy pop of colour to the lips. It adds depth to the lips without an annoying stinging sensation and best part, it smells like frosted vanilla cupcakes.
Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie

Pür Minerals wants to offer my readers, not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Love Your Selfie compacts by simply entering below.


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  1. The bronzer looks nice!

  2. The eye colors are awesome :)

  3. the Big Look Mascara from
    Pür Minerals

  4. The plumping lip gloss would be awesome!

  5. The eyeshadows look great

  6. lip gloss all the way

  7. the lip gloss looks so cute and compact

  8. I would love to try the Big Look Mascara!!

  9. Lip gloss and mascara

  10. Definitely lip gloss and mascara!

  11. Definitely excited for the mascara!

  12. the bronzer!

  13. love the lip gloss

  14. I would love to try out the compact! Perfect for Christmas parties

  15. I’m most excited to try the lipgloss

  16. The Photobomb eyeshadow in it looks lovely.

  17. I’m excited about the plumping lip gloss

  18. The eyeshadows all look beautiful!

  19. I adore that compact!! I am most excited about that blush!

  20. i love the compact its perfect for myself and my daughter

  21. Very excited about the lip gloss.

  22. Photobomb eyeshadow i

  23. I’m most excited about the bronzer! I love getting a healthy, bronzed look for the winter months

  24. I’m excited about the mascara.

  25. I am most excited for the lip gloss

  26. I’m most excited for the Big Look Mascara — it’s one of my personal favourites.

  27. Are the 12 Days of Giveaways open to US Residents?

  28. I would be most excited about the eye shadows.

  29. Looking forward to trying the lip-gloss.

  30. I am totally excited for the eye shadows

  31. It has to be the mascara! Love that it has argan oil…

  32. Would love to try the shadows

  33. I love the eye shadows!

  34. I have no shadows so that is what I am excited about winning.

  35. Beautiful shades! These would be fun to experiment with!

  36. Would love this! The Mascara would be nice to try!

  37. I’m excited to try the blush and highlighter!

  38. I love playing around with shadows! More importantly, i’ve always wanted to try pur minerals!!!!!!

  39. the eyeshadows

  40. I love the eyeshadows!

  41. I’d like to try the lipgloss

  42. the eyeshadows look fun

  43. I would love the eye shadow

  44. The eyeshadows, need some new ones.

  45. Excited for the eye shadows!

  46. Looking forward to trying the lip-gloss.

  47. The mascara! I love that one!

  48. I’m excited to try the eyeshadows. Pretty yet neutral, so wearable for everyday.

  49. I’d love to try the eyeshadows.

  50. I’d love to try the lip gloss.

  51. the eyeshadow

  52. What a beautiful palette! Fingers crossed!

  53. very good quality products! can’t wait to win!!

  54. The eye shadow – I love refreshing my colours

  55. the lip gloss – i’m kind of an addict

  56. I’m excited for the mascara! Love gorgeous lashes!

  57. Omg that palette ofcourse!

  58. I’ve never tried the Pür Minerals product line so I’d be excited to try any of them!

  59. definitely the palette!!

  60. The blush and highlighter!

  61. The palette for me!

  62. The eye shadows.

  63. the palette

  64. for me the palette :) thank you

  65. I am most excited to try the Pür Minerals Love Your Selfie lip gloss. I just love lip gloss. Thanks, good luck all.

  66. The plumping lip gloss looks amazing!

  67. The eye shadow pallet is very cool!

  68. I’m excited for the lip gloss

  69. I am most excited for the Pur Minerals Illuminating Powder!! I would love to use the bronzer and blush as well. I love the idea of having all these in a compact kit.

  70. I’m excited for the illuminating powder – would be lovely for Christmas parties.

  71. I love pur minerals! -Great products and the colors are lovely

  72. I’m excited for the whole thing!

  73. The eye shadows.

  74. I am most excited for the illuminating powder.

  75. I’m most excited to try the illuminating podwer!! It’s sassy, and perfect for holiday parties!!

  76. I’m excited to try the bronzer

  77. I love the fact they have vitamin E, can;t wait to try them all

  78. I love the bronzer!

  79. Looking most forward to the lip gloss

  80. bronzer! always :)

  81. Love how nude this pallet is

  82. it’s all about the bronzer

  83. the lip gloss

  84. Lip gloss

  85. I am most excited about the bronzer

  86. I am eager to try the plumping lip gloss.

  87. The Lip Gloss!

  88. love the mascara and eye shadow palette

  89. The plumping lip gloss! Rafflecopter name: Ei Leen

  90. I’m most excited for the mascara!

  91. The Lip Gloss!

  92. I’m excited to try the Pur Minerals mascara! Thanks!

  93. The lip gloss

  94. I am looking for a better bronzer – so that’s what I am looking forward to!

  95. The Lip Gloss

  96. Lip gloss

  97. The bronzer, blush and highlighter looks so pretty!

  98. Would love to try the illuminating powder.

  99. the Pur Minerals mascara

  100. I am excited to try the lip gloss.

  101. I’m excited for the bronzer

  102. I would love to try the Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation

  103. The lip gloss!

  104. 8 limited edition eyeshadows is what I am excited about!
    Rafflecopter name: Anu Chopra

  105. I’m excited to try the bronzer

  106. The compact makeup kit

  107. i would love to play with the illuminating powder

  108. I’ve never tried any of their products, so I’m not sure! They all sound great!

  109. The illuminating powder!

  110. Definitely the mascara.

  111. Definitely the mascara.

  112. Im Excited to try the Eyeshadows and Lip gloss! :)

  113. I’d like to try the Illuminating Powder! Thanks for hosting; this is a cute kit!

  114. Illuminating powder!

  115. The illuminating powder!

  116. The Illuminating powder for sure, would really love to experiment with it!

  117. Would love to try the Illuminating Powder!

  118. lip gloss

  119. About the illuminating powder.

  120. I havent tried the mascara, so i say the mascara. I already love the eyeshadows :)

  121. The eyeshadows are so beautiful!

  122. I am most excited about the eye shadows.

  123. I am most excited for the eyerhadow

  124. the eye shadows

  125. I swatched these shadows in store and I absolutely want them on my eyes!

  126. I don’t wear makeup, but my mom is great with it! I think she would love the eye shadow! I would really love to win this for her as a christmas gift!!

  127. I am most excited yo try the eyeshadows!!

  128. I’m super excited to try the blush and bronzer!!

  129. I am excited to try the eyeshadows!

  130. Love the eyeshadows!

  131. The Pür Minerals eyeshadows

  132. I am most excited to try the lip gloss.

  133. Eye shadows

  134. Oh I’m most excited to try the eye shadows. Then the lip gloss. Love it all.

  135. the eyeshadows!!

  136. Would like to try the lip gloss.

  137. I am excited to try the eye shadows and blush.

  138. I love the eyeshadows. Gorgeous!

  139. I like the shadows. The colours seem very flattering.

  140. The eyeshadows :) I’m such a sucker for eyeshadows. I already own way too many!

  141. lip gloss

  142. I love it all, but will go with the lip gloss :)

  143. The eyeshadows.

  144. I’d love to try the lip gloss & the mascara but the eye shadows are great colours too!

  145. I am most excited for the mascara!

  146. That shadow palette !

  147. The illuminating powder!

  148. The illuminating powder would be perfect for parties !

  149. I am looking forward to the plumping lip gloss!

  150. The plumping lip gloss!

  151. I’m definitely looking forward to the eyeshadows; they are my weakness!

  152. That palette is AMAZING!

  153. That palette looks fantastic

  154. I would definetly look forward to plumping lip gloss to try

  155. The shadow palette!

  156. love the eyeshadows

  157. The eyeshadows look lovely

  158. The plumping lip gloss.

  159. I’m looking forward to trying the eye shadows, the shades are perfect for a great smokey eye look!

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